Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Changes. Unexpected but welcomed.

Progress? Well there have been changes.
Neil and his dad, Keith went into financial meltdown following a disagreement with their landlord (as well as other reasons but they're not my problem now).
David Picton (http://www.pictonsportscars.com) was able at short notice to assist me and remove George to his workshop in near North London... and to cut a long story short, sold George, bought a 1968 Mk 1 Vitesse convertible. Happy days.

Before you ask, yeah, I've got changes planned.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

It still doesn't look like a car daddy.

Another Saturday, another visit to Mays Engineering.
Keith was there to meet me as promised and work is beginning to progress once more now that the we have a plan that deals with the old rotten tub. (Keith you are a genius!)

This was 2 tubs. It is possible in this picture to see the seam where they have been brought together.

New engine block complete with: new rings, bearings and polished crank.

Inside view. The tubs are now ready to be bolted to chassis, then the rest of welding can begin. 

Once all welding is complete, next stage is to remove and blast the tub ready for painting.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

One tub from two.

Keith's idea is to splice two old tubs into one by splitting them horizontally along the seam and joining back together to make a new tub. So the old tub has been set aside while over the last few weeks Keith set about cutting and welding to create a more viable body. It will still need two new outer wheel arches and a few repairs here and there but nothing like the mountain of work that was ahead with the original tub.